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A recording studio in Melbourne.

about ginger studios

A World-Class Recording Studio, based in Melbourne.

What if there was a better way for you to record your music? A recording studio space that nurtures the creative needs of recording artists, singer-songwriters and bands alike? Ginger Studios is a modern recording studio in Melbourne that specialises in high-end recording, mixing and audio production.

We take a fresh approach to music production and solve the problems of older recording studios without compromising on details and quality. Rather than separate the artists from the technical team, the collaboration of these two important contributors to the creative process is emphasised.

This is achieved through a control room that is large enough to accommodate everyone in the band; drums, guitars, bass, piano and vocals are all recorded in the same space. If, however, you need to capture something discretely with separation from the other elements, the studio is flexible enough to adjust to meet those needs and isolate an instrument to allow focused recording on a single element.


Years of experience


Grammy Winners

award-winning artists

Artists we work with

With production credits with some of the industry’s leading recording artists, the staff at Ginger Studios have got you covered.

Justin Bieber, Flume, The Wu-Tang Clan, Jason Derülo, Skrillex and many more have all made their mark in the recording studios’ growing history. If you’re ready to take your creations to the next level, we’re here to help you deliver your best performance and the best version of the art you wish to create.