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Recording Studio Services

Audio Recording

Ginger Studios’ recording rooms approach record production from a more modern perspective, where the control room is the studio. To allow isolated recording, a spacious second room with clear sightlines between the spaces is also offered.

With an intimate vibe, the studio is the new home for singer-songwriters and indie pop artists and bands. The space is large enough for recording small jazz ensembles, rock groups and chamber musicians and vocals.

Audio Mixing

Sonic excellence is at the heart of the hand-picked equipment employed at Ginger Recording Studios.

We have an incredibly extensive outboard collection, external effects processors and 48 channels of industry-leading SSL Duality channel processing built inside our no-compromise control room. Every detail of your music can be accurately and confidently addressed through our custom Augspurger Tower Monitors to your exacting desires.

Audio Production

The team at Ginger Recording Studios has worked with some of the industry’s top artists.

Ready to take your creations to the next level? We’re right here with you to help you deliver your best performance, the best version of the art you wish to create.

With audio production credits with some of the industries leading artists, the staff at Ginger Studios have got you covered.

Post Production and Voice Overs

If you are involved in television, radio or cinema sound, you’ll know the importance of high-quality audio for reaching your audience successfully.

Trusting Ginger Recording Studios with your post-production and audio composition needs is placing your message and audio in the safest hands. We are experienced across a broad range of genres and delivery systems and across the latest in industry loudness and delivery standards. Whether you require ADR, foley, sound design, composition, mixing and mastering for television, cinema, radio or internet delivery, completing your project couldn’t be easier or more hassle-free.